Derek McKale spoke quickly to Hayden over the phone while Ian sped off in his car they hit the corner and a screech cut threw the air as Ian kept it from going wild, Ian looked on the side mirror to see David running at full-speed.

" Damn he's fast for a muscle head " , Ian gritted his teeth and stopped the car.

He got out and his eyes glowed and his claws flung out he growled and charged David who grabbed him by the throat and slammed him with so much force the ground had a crack in it.

" Nice try kid but I'm better " , Ian growled and try to move but was near paralyzed.

Derek got out the car and charged after David but a foot flew and Derek hit the floor, Narissa was standing there growling. Silent footsteps were heard and Theseus, William & Jesse walked in sync next to each other perfectly. Derek coughed and his eyes glowed blue.

" Hello, Derek my half-brother who has so much potiential just does not utilize it right? Join my pack Derek, you one of my pieces other than Hayden that is it, Kill your friend Ian pleasure we be the only situation " , Theseus nodded toward Narissa who put her hand on the throat of a beaten Ian.

" 1...2....3  " , Narissa shrugged and prepared to slit his throat but Hayden White tackled her and they rolled around until Hayden jumped up grinning.

" Leave my friends the hell alone " , Hayden growled and David charged this time him and Hayden gripped each others shoulder and trying to break him. Hayden screamed and both the twins had their claws in Hayden's back. They dragged Ian over to Narissa who started slashing the body of Ian who screamed while his friends watched.

" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... " , Hayden roared as David dragged him over to Hayden and lifted his hand which had their claws out, David lifted Ian and was about to drop Ian on Hayden's claws but a force knocked him back and Theseus looked up curiously. Melinoe floated his white eyes staring right at Theseus, Melinoe spoke up " Murderers you'll pay for your evil deeds " , Melinoe disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

" That's no regular ghost " , Theseus pursed his lips.

" Demon-Ghost hybird Melinoe our mortal enemy cause we slashed him up on more than 1 occasion " , Narissa smirked and spun around heading toward the hotel along with the rest of the pack with Theseus staying back, " Hayden and Derek I'm only giving you days before were coming and you will join our pack willingly " , He turned around and walked off.

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