ca. 1100Edit

  • Finn has a relationship with Sage. Their family did not approve of this relationship, so they met in secret. Finn turned Sage so that both could be together forever.

1110 ADEdit

  • "The Five", a group of Vampire Hunters, were created by an unknown dying witch. They are highly skilled and the spell that created them gave them tattoos that cover their arms and chest.
  • The witch gives them power to fight vampires. These tattoos are supposed to be a map for an ultimate weapon to destroy vampires. This weapon could be a way to make vampires human again (either that or Alexander lied to Rebekah to gain her trust).

1114 ADEdit

  • Alexander meets Rebekah, Elijah, and Niklaus in Italy.
  • Alexander reveals he has the daggers to use on originals and drives it through her heart and the remaining originals.
  • Niklaus kills Alexander and the remaining group. Its revealed Alexander told Rebekah of a cure to vampirism. The Five were believed to been extinct since then.
  • Alexander's body is buried along with his sword by his former lover, Rebekah, in the church they planned to be married in.
  • Elijah tells Klaus that Kol was making the Originals infamous in the east because of his indiscreetness.
  • After he obtained the silver daggers from the hunters, Klaus left Finn daggered, who remained dormant until 2010.

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