After the battle with Marianne, Mal left a note for Bonnie in her room. The letter said:

Dear Bonnie,

Centuries ago when someone betrayed me I would usually kill them in the most horrific ways but luckily for you I'm a new man. I wish you and your friends the best.

                                                                Yours truly Mal-El

After reading the letter Bonnie ripped it up and threw it away. "How could he send me a letter? He killed Jeremy and threaten my friends. 'I wish you and your friends the best' please".

At Mal-El's house Julianna laid on the couch kicking her feet in the air and pouting. When Mal walked in she sat up straight and looked over her shoulder to get a good view of him.

"Do we have to leave?", she asked.

"Why do ask?".

"Well we haven't seen each other in a very long time and neither of us stayed in a place long enough to call home. You already have this big mansion and you allowed the hybrids to leave. Its just the two of us and we can call this home". Mal thought about what she said and realized they haven't seen one another in over 100 years.

"Sure we can stay, luckily for you I have a feeling another ring may be here. Since I knew you would ask me about staying I enrolled you into Mystic Falls High because I don't want you to be bored".

"You enrolled me into high school? Jeez Mal. I guess I can be a cheerleader and a prom queen since I never been in school before".

"Good, this is a new start for the both of us". Mal-El wanted to tell her that something bad was about to happen but he didn't to take away her current happiness.

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