Nuriel and Anahita knew that with the Ultimate werewolves and Primordial Werewolves in town this place would be a werewolf night club. Anahita looked down and saw a body pale and could easily tell he had drained and when she turned him upward his throat was torn out and tears ran down his face. Nuriel had opened a trash can and found a body of a human or 7 humans which all their blood was drained and the necks and chests torn out. " So you found my dinner? " , A teen who appeared to be 17 at the most and has piercing blue eyes and jet black hair along with a handsome face, Anahita responded angerly, " Well vampire I think that you need not to murder humans like- t-this? " , Nuriel stepped forward and knew he was stronger than this vampire but some vibe told him to not fight. The boy shot forward and as Anahita swung out her fist he grabbed it and tore her arm off, as he stared into her face he saw the shock, anger and horror in it. " What's wrong vampires am I to powerful.....ummmm anyway my name is Adam Yaksha and I am the first ever Vampire-human creation though I am much stronger thanks to my mother being possesed by a demon enhancing my powers greatly plus my human strain allows me to do more " , Adam sensed the boy charging and kicked his foot to the boys face breaking multiple bones than snapped his sisters neck knocking her out and than grabbed her brother by the shirt and pulled him toward him than dug into his neck drinking his blood killing him. He went over to his sister than lifted her wrist drinking from her quickly than entering his teeth once more into her wrists draining her blood. " That was messy but I am here for my sister Eve Lydias and I will find her " , His eyes glared than he walked off.

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