Theseus stood with his powerful pack, Narissa trained by Mercenaries and William & Jesse the twins who formed a giant werewolf and the younger werewolves but more powerful than the lockwoods and most the primordial vampires the younger pack included- Hayden White, Dakota Wallace, Jace Brown, Jordan Kyle, Gemini Roberts,Horus Roberts,Jason Lewis, Jace Vladescu all powerful and even had control over themselves at the full moon except Jordan who Theseus lets go wild. " Narissa, is starrk revived cause otherwise being here is useless " , His eyes flashed red and he saw a pair of bright green eyes and a handsome teenager standing their with a silver ring around his green eyes claws beared, " Well, bunch of werewolves in one spot a little suspicious mayb---e, manners manners my mistake my name is Adam Yaksha and the first ever Vampire-Human species also a Powerful demon and who may be a god-demon has took over my mom and so I am stronger and faster than all of you except maybe Hayden their is something about you that seems superior to even your Alpha theseus " , Theseus stepped up " Well, I sensed it earlier that Hayden's ancestory was here and is turned out to be you Adam " , Adam grinned sheepishly and as a girl stood in the faint streetlights her back turned toward Adam and a group of people with her. " Hey, am I crashing the party " ,Adam younger brother appeared with a grim face ," Hey, looks like you seen a ghost....wait a minute is that EVE our father-killing-sister damm man she is pretty cute but I'm her brother sooooo " ,Adam looked down at his brother with a smiled, " Hey, theseus wanna form an alliance you will still be leader but I will carry out hits and your must provide me with a sacrifice of 12 virgins 6 boys and 6 girls I have a plan a good one " , Theseus stepped out and cleared his throat " I will have others do my dirty work while I attend to my buisness nice doing work with you Adam " , The pack cleared and so did Adam but not before running into a beautiful girl with long brown hair-Elena?No katherine, " Hey, katherine " , He grabbed her chin and than faced her eye to eye and compelled her to allow him to stay with her " Yes you may ".

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