The Ancient Silver Maple Ash Daggers are weapons that were forged by the Original witch Gaia as a means of subduing the Primordials.

History Edit

The daggers are known to have existed for over 3,000 years. They were made by the first and most powerful witch Gaia. They were forged from using the Silver Ash Maple Tree that was made by Gaia using the blood of the Primordials. 2,000 years after their creation, a witch used the spell that was used to make these daggers to make similar ones for the Originals.


For the daggers to work they must be placed in the heart of the Primordial. Once it is in the heart of the Primordial than that Primordial will be neutralized until it is removed.

Known OwnersEdit

  • Gaia: As the creator she possesed all of the daggers.
  • Mal-El: Mal-El has several of them in his possession.
  • Bonnie Bennett: She used one to dagger Mal.


  • Mal-El - He is the only known victim so far.

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