The third, and current incarnation of the Carina Doppelgängers.

No Title
Annalise Denisa


September 10 1993






Anna (By everyone) Anisa (By Stefan)


Human Carina Doppelgänger




King Carina (ancestor/deceased) Queen Carina (Ancestor/deceased) Anise Carina (ancestor/first life) unnamed son (ancestor/deceased) Samuel Denisa (Ancestor/deceased) Mericia Denisa (Ancestor/deceased) Clarisse Denisa (Ancestor/second life/undead) Adam Denisa (Ancestor/deceased) Jordan Denisa (Father) Samantha Denisa (Mother) Unborn child (In womb)

Played by

Gabriella Wilde

Early LifeEdit

After Clarisse's "death", and transformed into a vampire her human soul was reincarnated as Annalise. When she is in pre-school she met Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, and Bonnie Bennet were they become best friends for life. When she was twelve she dated Jeremy Gilbert till they break up but there still good friends.


She is very sweet, and kind with a bit of shyness, and fear. She could sometimes be mean if someone she knows is being harassedm and bullied.


Annalise & Elena: Best Friends since preschool. Unlike the relationship between there doppelgänger ancestors Katherine, and Clarisse they have a very strong friendship.

Annalise & Bonnie: Best friends since preschool. She found out about Bonnie's witchcraft while on there way to school.

Annalise & Caroline: Best friends since preschool. They have a taste for fashion, and always wear certain clothes to fit there personality.

Annalise & Jeremy: Good friends. Dated once but they decided to break up. They are still good friends, and Jeremy is protective of her. When Stefan left in Klaus' control as a ripper Annalise slip into depression, and got back together with Jeremy. Because a witch coven wants the Carina Doppelgänger bloodline, and soul to continue Jeremy against his free-will conceive with Annalise causing her to become pregnant with her unborn child growing twice as fast in her.

Annalise & Vicki: A rivalry between the two. They mostly compete in things like Talent Shows, and beauty pageants. There biggest rivalry involved with cheerleader tryouts that Annalise successfully join. The rivalry ended when Vicki now a vampire try to kill Annalise till Stefan stake Vicki to death.

Annalise & Stefan: When they first met the feelings unknown that is there ancestry that predicted there love. They began to date till Stefan became a ripper abandoning Annalise. He regain his humanity finding out about the witch coven, and Annalise's pregnancy. They both got back together after Jeremy broke up blaming himself for impregnating Annalise against his will. Incase Annalise dies she told or written a letter to both Stefan & Elena to protect her descendants, and her next life.

Annalise & Damon: They never get along due to Damon betraying Clarisse when he lied about Clarisse's death by Katherine. He later atone his sins to protect Annalise as a way to forsaken his betrayal.

Annalise & Clarisse: Clarisse is protective of her descendants, and current life Annalise. She saved her after Damon bit her during a ball, and hopes Annalise could let Stefan move on with his life without the guilt of Clarisse's "death".

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