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"I am an Italian living in New Orleans.I'm a vampire.I live off blood.Yes."

-Toni to Henry Cromwell

Antonia Barone, or Toni is an Italian vampire living in New Orleans. It is implied she was bitten by one of the Mikaelson's and is a newborn. She has violent tendencies and these are amplified in the newborn stage.

Antonia Barone


March 15,1992




Disposal Service to the Mikaelson's


Exotic Dancer







Mr. Barone

Mrs. Barone

Unnamed Brother

Significant Sires

Rebekah Mikaelson

Elijah Mikaelson

Significant Kills

Unnamed teen girl(First meal)

Mikaelson servant


April 1, 2014

Portrayed by

Deanna Casaluce

Deanacasaluce 1290179712


Human LifeEdit

Toni is a loud, boisterous Italian girl from the Sicilian Quarter of New Orleans. She is an exotic dancer at a nightclub,but she's just lost her job.Roaming the streets one night, she meets Klaus Mikaelson,who recognizes her from the club. She takes Klaus by surprise, as she is surprisingly strong for a female mortal. He decides to turn her into a vampire and hire her as a Disposal Service.


Undead LifeEdit

Toni is sired by Klaus' siblings and is now a full vampire. Toni's first feeding goes horribly wrong when she's caught and chased down the street by a werewolf .She is rescued by Klaus and she is told she has to change her look.She cuts her hair and changes her clothing style. The tough girl exterior shields a girl with a broken childhood and she is quite violent. 

The werewolf she encountered before tracks her down and it turned into a fight.Toni finally gets away and this werewolf follows her to the Mikaelson's.  He was beaten for information as to why he was following her. He never really answered, just gave his name.



In her human life, Toni had long black hair and pale skin. She is heavily built and tough. She stands at 5'9. In her undead life, Toni has short hair and slowly tans.


The name Antonia is an Italian baby name. In Italian the meaning of the name Antonia is: Priceless.


  • Toni is very resourceful, often using her environment to her advantage. This is shown when she uses a street pole to dodge an attacker. When Klaus pokes fun at her for this she says,"I used to be a stripper. I know my way around pole."
  • Toni used to be an Exotic Dancer.
  • She is of Italian descent.
  • She often refrences family she may have in the Mafia.
  • Her catchphrase is "I'm a real Italian,ragazzo bianco(white boy)"

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