Dakota and the rest of the pack were on the bus arriving to Mystic Falls, Jace Vladescu his gold eyes staring out the window with intent thoughts and Jace Brown was on Face-Time with his girlfriend who Dakota knew was just another girl in his life, Hayden was sleeping and Jordan was listening to Wiz Khalifa, The twins were playing Subway surfers together and grinning at each other in excitement. Jason was bringing out his claws and showing his red eyes along with his claws. She took out her Iphone5 and than started playing Temple Run 2, it took over 10 hours to arrive their and when they did it was hot not what she researched but it'll do. They all got off the bus and spotted the warehouse were they opened the door and went in it was not a warehouse at all instead it had 10 beds and a flat screen t.v along with a refrigerator along with a table, Hayden turned and grinned sharply at Dakota, " Nice going cousin " , that was the weird fact Hayden though to himself all of them were cousins though........NOT DONE

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