Decaulion stood there looking at the body of a mangled couple and instantly knew that someone like a Original must have been here than he heard a Swish and than turned around quickly and a figure stood there in the dark his pale skin and his menacing Red eye's. The figure disappeared and than when he turned the girl was breathing again. Decuaulion heard a crunch than turned the another and turned backward. The teen boy sat their and than sighed. " Hello, Decaulion I am the third strongest Immortal other than my stubborn uncle and Kleptomaniac father that I love so much " , He smiled the walked over to the girl and stepped on her neck crushing it between his foot than looked up and walked toward Decaulion slowly each step with grace, he than shot his hand toward Decaulion's neck and choked him. " I am the strongest being in this town " ,He than shot toward his neck and drunk his blood than threw him. He grabbed his neck and than put it in a headlock than snapped it with power, the Hybrid knocked out cold. He thought of Katherine his love than sped toward the floor and picked up a rusty knife than cut the humans blood and fed the hybrid he awoke and than Lucifer grabbed his head and pulled it off killing the Hybrid who claimed to be powerful.