Derek stood their and had his fist balled, Hayden paced with his hand on his chin. The door slowly opened and Ian appeared breathing heavey waving his hand to follow him, " You gotta come see this " , Hayden ran over and past Ian to look outside to see a sign the sign of the children of the primordials, " No...No this can't be " , Hayden sighed and looked up. Derek frowned and smirked, " What happened??!! " , Hayden pointed up and Derek heart dropped quick he slowly shook his head. " There coming and everyone in town is in danger " .

Theseus walked slowly to the scent of Marianne Lance, " She's close and this is Marianne were talking about she's no regular female sort of like her ancestor " , A snap was heard and they all turned around 7 people stood before them all dressed nicely. " Why so serious children of the mutts ", Isaac grinned with his fangs showing, David growled and ran, " David no " , Theseus sighed. David charged Isaac and they hit each other with their shoulders the ground around them shook and Theseus was curious know. " Try not to piss of David he has sort of a temper but he's still family to me. I'm guessing you are the Primordial Vampires and I hear you trying to create a child of nature just this one is a vampire/witch hybrid the equal to Mal-El the destroyer to bad though were here to stop you " , Theseus walked forward smirking, Alucard let out a growl and attacked Theseus who dropped his cane and shot his hand out to the throat of Alucard and squeezed, " Let him go " , Adelaide said it with authority.

Theseus smiled, " I'm no regular ancient werewolf I rival the deities of the world " , Theseus kept walking and they followed, He sniffed the air. " She's right there " , They entered the house and instantly a horde of zombies jumped out. " To be expected handle them guys " , Narissa growled and attacked using her feet to lead her, David used his muscles to tear their heads off and the twins were ripping them apart like it was nothing. " This is what she tries to kill us with Marianne your losing you touch " , Theseus looked amused. Suddenly a growl was heard and Theseus turned to see a young boy with glowing blue eyes who was staring at David, " DIEEEE!!! " , He charged Daivd and knocked him to the ground, David got back up and growled he grabbed the boy and threw him into the wall. " Derek runnnn " , Hayden roared and Derek ran off for a moment Hayden and Theseus stared at each other for a while.

" We need to find and kill Mal-El first "

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