The Bennett Rings protect people (whether they're humans, supernatural hunters, untriggered werewolves, or doppelgängers) from being killed by supernatural beings or causes, as long as the rings are worn. The Bennett Rings are known to be more powerful than the Gilbert Rings.

Known Characters who wore these RingsEdit


  • Incase if someone died many times, they would not suffer the ill effects of the ring.
  • It is confirmed and theorised that these magical rings are known to protect doppelgängers. The reason is because Doppelgängers are humans for most intents and purposes.
  • These rings can also protect werewolves that are only untriggered. Incase if a werewolf killed a human in order to trigger their werewolf gene, the Bennett Ring would prevent their powers from been activated and would remain untriggered.

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