Boris Family is a line of hybrids, how are the offspring of the vampire Boris and various females. There are currently four children known, Eve Lydias, a vampire/werewolve Hybrid; Adam Yaksha, a vampire/human Hybrid and two unnamed male Hybrids. They are significantly more powerful than any other vampire, werewolves or hybrids created since then. However, it is unknown if there are more Hybrids.


Family Members Edit

Current MembersEdit

  • Eve Lydias:
  • Adam Yaksha:

Former MembersEdit

  • Boris:


  • The Lydias Family: Eve Lydias mother's bloodline is related to this family.
    • Inga Lydias: Eve's mother was the lover of Boris for a unknown time. She (Boris' lover and Eve's mother) was a werewolf, whom Boris had an affair with, and which Eve was a product of. 
    • Liam Lydias: Eve's brother, he is like most members of the Lydias Family a werewolf.

Family TreeEdit

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