Nicholas walked quickly into the house of Damon and Stefan, who might not be home. He creaked and suddenly a young man with tremendous strength slammed him against the wall. He groaned and than growled moving but the boy's grip was amazing. " Who are you " , The boy grinned and his eyes flashed red. " MAL-EL!!!!!!GRRHHHHHHHHHHHH " , Mal-El had roared and than flung Nicholas into the fire place. Nicholas suddenly stopped because a figure had caught him. A young teenager girl, " The name's Adelaide and I am a primordial vampire " , She dropped him and than left the house.

" She's a primordial eh? " , Mal-El smirked and than grabbed Nicholas and flung him out the door. Nicholas jumped up and left. This plan backfired and he'd just met two of the worst beings in the world. He walked down the streets and suddenly thought of a idea what if the blood of a certain vampire gave Ciro life; Stefan his doppleganger.

Nicholas stepped into the bar and spotted Stefan.....TO BE CONTIUNED.

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