Kon-El bit into 23-year old, Maria Gavin, She bled rapidly and he was hungry so he would indeed take all her blood. He had the power to look into people's mind.

" You continuosly feed from the weak, Acholics " , Mal-El stood in the dark, his red eyes glowing and he always radiated raw power.

Kon-El dropped the body and wiped his mouth, He stood at the; Avenger himself. " Here to kill me ".

Mal-El sped over to Kon-El and shoved him but Kon dodged and pushed him into the wall.

" You are fast but if I wanted you dead you'd be dead " , Mal-El grinned foolishly.

" Why did you track me down than " , Kon-El knew he was gonna have to work with him.

" Me and you are going to deal with Silas, the nuisance that I made and will get rid of " , Mal-El was grim and looked very serious.

" How about I take him out, but I must deal with Damon " , Kon nodded and left Mal-El toward the Salvatore Boarding House, he kicked down the door and sniffed the air. Mal-El walked in behind him and looked around, " You don't know how to control your power " .

" That's an Understatement, but your right not everybody is as powerful as you, You are very inconsiderate and where's your girlfriend? " , Mal-El sped over to Kon and pushed him into the wall breaking it than stuck a stake into his heart. Kon-El took it out and jammed it into his neck.

" I'm gonna find Damon and ask questions " , He walked upstaris to find, Damon and Elena making out,  He sped over to the bed in the blink-of-a-eye and grabbed Damon, and threw him out the window. Kon-El hopped out and than said a few words. Damon writhed and squirmed in agony, as Kon-El used a torture spell.

" I won't ask again GUY? " , He increased the power and Damon's leg broke, than his arm and than his neck. He went silent.

" let me serve Mal-El the man of the hour who stabs me? " , He took off headed off to go kill, Silas the annoying immortal.

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