Claudius Aurelius
Born 1st century BC, Rome (Unknown/2,000+)
Turned 1st century BC (via Immortality Spell)
Status Undead
Occupation Member of the Travellers (formerly)
College History Teacher
Alias Clyde Adams
Species Traveller (originally)
Original Immortal (currently)
Gender Male
Family members Unknown
Significant spells Casting the Immortality Spell on himself
Significant sires Unknown
Significant kills Unknown

Played by Rufus Sewell
First seen TBA
Last seen TBA
Claudius Aurelius now known as Clyde Adams is an immortal, that was part of the Travellers until he became a vampire.


1st century BC, GreeceEdit

When Mal-El stayed with the Travellers, Claudius became amazed by Mal, his power, and his seemingly true immortality. Claudius became near obsessed with him and when he learned that Mal intended to turn Silas immortal, he begged Mal to do the same for him. When he refused, Claudius went to Qetsiyah and told her that Mal was going to turn Silas immortal and that Silas was going to turn Amara immortal. After Qetsiyah sealed Silas away, Claudius stole the scroll that had the immortality spell on it from Qetsiyah. He performed the spell on himself and was able to compel the Travellers to kill Qetsiyah and to move Amara around. 


Claudius is kind, wise, and a good leader. However, he has an obsession with Mal-El and the Primordials, because his goal is to become the one true immortal in the world and the progenitor of a superior race. 


  • Immortality - The act of not aging, or succumbing to any human illnesses. Unlike other vampires, Clyde is truly immortal.
  • Healing Factor - As an unconditional immortal, Clyde heals despite any level of damage on his body.
  • Enhanced Strength - As a consequence of unconditional immortality, Clyde has greater than average human strength.
  • Telepathy - Clyde can read the minds of others.
  • Illusions - Clyde has the power to create powerful illusions. He is able to use these illusions on anyone he desires. They can of be used on multiple people in multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Voice Mimicry - When Clyde uses his illusions to appear as someone else, he can also use their voice in addition to their appearance.
  • Psychic Pain Infliction - With his illusions and telepathic powers, Clyde is able to inflict psychic pain on his victims.
  • Advanced Immunity - Being an immortal, Clyde is immune to all known weaknesses of vampires.
  • Mind Compulsion - Clyde can compel the minds of vampires, humans, witches, and hybrids.


  • The Cure - If he takes the cure he will become mortal again.
  • Dessication - Without blood, Clyde would desiccate to the point of fossilization.
  • Magic - Clyde is vulnerable to magic.

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