Corrected Zombies (sometimes called Original Zombie) are Zombie that are Self-Awared, defunct beings that were created through magically-enhanced blood of a dragon, and an immortality elixir.

Origins Edit

Lloyd Thyme was human that was killed in 264 BC for unknown reasons. 263 years after he died while being preserved; a witch that he was the ancestor tried to use an imperfect resurrection spell that resulted him coming back, but as a Zombie instead. After his resurrection he became brainless, and attacked everyone in sight until was placed under an immobilization spell. The witch then found a stone that had blood of a dragon on it, and use her magic to enchant it. Lloyd became a Corrected Zombie, and became the strongest of the species.

Abilities Edit

The abilities of the Corrected Zombie are amplified from the Zombies, but have a few additional abilities.

  • Mind Compulsion: Corrected Zombies can compel Humans, Non-original hybrids, non-original vampires, and even animals.
  • Zombie Hive Mind: Corrected Zombies can share their mind with 2% mind function of Non-corrected Zombies, and thus prevent their feral-like mind impulses.
  • Immortality: Corrected Zombies can live forever, and survive without eating on flesh. Like Immortals.
  • Disease Immunity
  • Supernatural Strength: Lloyd was capable of throwing a M1 Abrams over the Empire State Building or so he claims.
  • Supernatural Speed: Lloyd was fast enough to defeat 17 vampires in an instant.
  • Supernatural Senses
  • Procreation: Corrected Zombies can procreate with other creatures.
  • Mental Shield
  • Pain Immunity

Weakness Edit

  • Magic: Corrected Zombies are vulnerable to magic, but it isn't enough to kill them.
  • Dragon-fire: Dragon-fire is known to be associate in someway with the creation of the Corrected Zombies, and is capable severely wounding Corrected Zombies.
  • Vampire Flesh and Blood: Corrected Zombies are still affected by Vampire flesh and blood, and the effects are the same.
  • Running Water: Corrected Zombies cannot cross running water for reasons unknown; as Zombies can.
  • Hate: If a Corrected Zombies stays feeling hate, or expressing hate they'll be drained of the abilities, and have difficulty in speaking.
  • Killing/Curing an Original Vampire: If a Corrected Zombie kills or cures an Original Vampire, Corrected Zombie, or Original Hybrid, the Corrected Zombie is also killed as a result.
  • The Cure: If a Corrected Zombie takes the cure they'll back mortal again, and prevents them from every becoming a Zombie or Corrected Zombie again.

Corrected Zombies Edit

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