• 1972
  • 2009
  • Undead
  • Unknown

  • Female
Family members
  • Unnamed abusive husband
  • Unnamed son

Cause of death
  • Drain of blood
Killed by
Played by
First seen
Last seen
  • The Turning Point

Daphne was a citizen who lived in Mystic Falls.


Daphne was known to be a descendant of Pearl and Annabelle. During her human life, she was recently married to someone, who turned out to be drunk and abusive. Daphne filed her divorce and took her son to live somewhere far away. Moving to Mystic Falls, Daphne made her first encounter with her ancestor, Anna. While Anna was on a mission to get her mother out of the tomb, she compelled Daphne to drink her blood. Once that was done, she went jogging and bumps into a newly turned vampire, Logan Fell. Daphne recognized him and was a fan of his news casting. After they talk for a little while, Logan drains her blood.

Sometime after awakening, Daphne was on transition until Anna appeared and gave her a bloodbag to complete her transformation. As a newborn vampire, Daphne had trouble controlling her thirst since she didn't want to hurt people, including her son that she loved. She served as spy to Anna once she completed her mission in getting her mother out of the tomb. After all the tomb vampires were freed, Daphne left town with her son and travelled somewhere far away. Living in California, Daphne became fond with animal blood.

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