• Theseus the leader of the pack
  • William & Jesse
  • Narissa the Daughter of Oenomaus
  • David the Muscle of the pack

Demon Wolves are a pack of werewolves who are all the children of a Primordial Werewolf, These specific wolves are a terror because of they are faster, stronger, more rabid and who hesitate to kill somebody, with Theseus in the pack that makes them intelligent and better. They are the second to in strongest beings on the universe with the Primordial vampires and werewolves. Theseus originally lead the Ultimate Werewolves but murdered the ones that were not up to par.


This is the story of the creation of the werewolves who are faster, stronger, more rabid and psycho in other words but with Theseus it will be more dangerous.

Starrk had the first child, named Theseus the brilliant evil genius also the leader of this race, next came Narissa and than David the twins were later sired 3 centuries later, Theseus and the rest of his cousins builded packs of their own, Theseus is known around the world mostly of him being a monster Alpha, Theseus desigined a plan to get stronger and started killing werewolves due the hunters in that certain village, Theseus would later make a different pack made of half-primordial children, trying to find the ones like him possessing the full power of a primordial due to sacrifices, made by a human being. Theseus ended up killing his entire pack in order to build a new pack, he left Hayden White alive so he could release his power, Theseus made the demon wolves who are considered to demon werewolves, mauling people and absorbing werewolves power their main lust for power and control, Theseus has been trying to build the perfect pack. Theseus and his pack main goal was to bring down all vampires and their progenitor Isaac and also defeat Mal-El a disgrace to werewolves in their image mainly cause of him being a half witch hybrid.


The demon wolves resemble their namesake just 100x times smarter, with Theseus being the master mind and Narissa, David, William & Jesse being the fighters and helping the plan go along, They are wild and intelligent able to lead someone straight to their death's. They all share one common trait is the psycho trait, being ruthless and biting people who they know will die from their death bite.


  • David and Narissa have a similair wolf form to Mal-El.
  • William & Jesse's wolf form they fuse together.
  • Theseus has a larger form due to him being stronger.
  • Theseus's partial werewolf form
In human form they look indistinguishable from humans. Though they are cousins they look nothing alike. Theseus, William & Jesse and David have the appearance of a Caucasian male, Narissa has the appearance of a Middle Eastern female, . In wolf form Narissa and David have a wolf form like Mal-El and William & Jesse have a wolf form in which they fuse together and make one large humanoid werewolf, Theseus turns into a large black werewolf and walks on both his legs and all fours.In partial werewolf form, Theseus's skin takes on the texture and color of stone while his brow ridge thickens, expands and merges with his cheekbones to form a mask-like structure of bone. His ears, fangs and hair grow and his voice deepens, His eyes are a startling red.


  • Super Strength - Primordials are far much stronger than the originals, normal werewolves, vampires, non- hybrids and humans. They can decapitate others with little to no effort. They grow stronger with time their muscular physique is much more defined and muscle mass is increased. Thier strength matched by The Primordial Vampires
  • Super Speed - Primordials are faster than the originals, normal werewolves, vampires, hybrids and humans. They are able to out run any supernatural species.Thier speed is only matched by the Primordial Vampires
  • Heightened Senses - Primordials have extremely enhanced, keen senses of hearing, sight, smell, and taste. Their senses improve over time.
  • Super Agility - Primordials possess superhuman stamina, flexibility, reflexes, agility, and dexterity. They can move, jump, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. This ability improves with age.
  • Healing - Primordials can recover/heal/regenerate from any injury almost instantly and more effectively than ordinary werewolf, vampires and humans.
  • Alpha Voice - Primordials can force other werewolves to do their will without resistance.
  • Immortality - Unlike normal werewolves they possess immortality and such will live forever.
  • Telepathy: Primordials can communicate mentally with other werewolves.
  • Lie Detection - Primordial werewolves are able to sense if you're lying or not, they also don't need to only listen to a person's heartbeat to tell.
  • Anger - When a Primordial werewolf is furious, their anger increase all their powers and abilities for a short period of time, as well as can have an advantage over another species.
  • Werewolf Bite - The poison in the bite of a Primordial werewolf is extremely lethal to normal vampires and will kill them in less than 24 hours, but not as lethal to an Original or a Primordial Vampire.
  • Werewolf Scratch - A scratch from a Primordial will slow down the healing powers of any supernatural.
  • Full Moon - Primordial werewolves powers and abilities are enhanced and are at their peak during a Full Moon.
  • Transformation Control - They can change at will and will have full control over themselves. 
  • Resurrection - Under the right circumstances they can bring back another Primordial or another werewolf.
  • Blood Rage - If a Primordial gives their blood to a human that human will gain werewolf like powers such as enhanced stregnth, speed, endurance, psuedo-transformation, and healing. They will have control over that human until the blood is gone from that human's system.
  • Imprinting - They can place a piece of their soul within someone so that they can psychologically torture someone and eventually possess them.
  • Death Bite- When bitten by one of them the being for 2 hours has the powers of a werewolf but dies when the 2 hours run out. The Demon Wolves could eject a black fluid that poisons the being.
  • Turning- They are able to turn somebody into a werewolf by a bite.

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