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The Demon Progenitor

The first demon was created by Jonathan, an ArchAngel, after reborn as Michael but after a powerful spell done by Gaia he turned into the Demon Progenitor creator very much unknown to him. Jonathan's early life incarnation made Lilith his Lover in a way that can't be explained.

In time Jonathan became Father to many species such as, Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and Warlocks.

The Demon race has now sired the Ultimate leader Jonathan who does not know he is a ArchAngel and a Demon Progenitor. The Demons have sent out a group of Hybrids to capture this boy.


After the war the Witch Gaia had created a Demon by the name of Sonny and he later created the whole demon race, during that century a Psychic had learned that there will be a teenage boy who would decide the winner of either the Angel Race or Demon Race. The last Incarnation of Sonny was to become Immortal and than eliminate the whole Angel species. Demons are laying low just watching there children fight against each-other.

Powers and AblitiesEdit

  • Telepathy and telekinesis - Demons can read minds. Some can influence an object's movement with their minds.
  • Superhuman strength and enhanced endurance - While hosting a demonic entity, a human's body can be made to perform extraordinary feats and resist damage. However, when the demon leaves, the host often dies of its injuries.
  • Seeing Reapers - Like angels, demons can perceive entities that are invisible to human beings, like Reapers.
  • Can resurrect or heal people, but only if a deal is made.
  • Capable of overpowering of Hybrids; a group of demons captured Klaus on a unknown man orders, though only after it had been injected with enough dead man's blood to bring down a nest of regular vampires, and when they all attacked at once.
  • Mind control - Demons can influence and control the actions of human beings.
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Injury to humans by thought
  • Destruction of objects with telekinesis
  • Overpowering or possessing reapers
  • Resurrecting people at will

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