" Now is the time to Eliminate some people, how about we kill Jace Vladescu and Jace Brown, also Gemini and Horus Roberts both all them shall be wiped out right now " ,Theseus smiled and heard the sound of growling as he walked out of the room. A cry was heard than a thud. " P-p-please don't kill me I promise I will be a better pack member " , Jace Brown cried but Narissa cut his throat and silenced him. Theseus came back in the room to see Jace holding his own but Hayden punched him and than started slicing him. Gemini and Horus were dead along with Jace Brown while Jace Vladescu sat their as a large werewolf bit into his neck and tore it out leaving the young teen dead. " Good my friends but I see we have a visitor " ,Theseus whipped out a knife and flung it at the figure standing in the doorway but the figure caught it and than dropped it. " Hello, Lucifer " , Lucifer sneered and cleared his throat, " I know something interesting that you don't maybe your fathers or mothers. Let's start off with the leader Theseus your father is Starrk the feared and your half-brother is Hayden White, Narissa and Dakota your father is Oenomaus, Jason Lewis is the son of Saskia and the twins William and Jesse are the sons of Amon and Jordan Kyle the son of the cruel wolf KYLAR!! " ,Now you guys know just sit and think " , William leaped at Lucifer and before the vampire could turn around William caught him and than headbutted him with so much force blood splattered, Jesse took off his shirt and transformed into his full form a 9'ft tall werewolf stood before Lucifer who had only fear on his face, " Take it easy there Jesse " ,Theseus smiled as a clawed hand hit Lucifers chest and than another in his neck. William and Jesse had already begun to form together and a 13'ft tall werewolf was standing there and this time Lucifer made the first move which was a bad idea because The twins caught him by the throat and started to strangle the life out of him but not before they let go a bloody, batted bruised vampire stood there.

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