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Elliot Whitmore
  • 1970
  • Alive
  • Professor

  • Male
Family members
  • Victor Whitmore (Ancestor)
  • Charles Whitmore (Brother)
  • Keela Whitmore (Sister-in-law)
  • Aaron Whitmore (Nephew)
  • Sarah Whitmore (First Wife)
  • Todd Whitmore (Son)
  • Della Whitmore (Second Wife)
  • Adam Whitmore (Son)
  • Sadie Whitmore (Daughter)

Played by
  • Unknown
Episode Count
  • 0

Elliot Whitmore was the husband of Sarah Whitmore, the father of Todd, and the uncle of Aaron Whitmore.


Born in 1970, Elliot would go on to marry a woman named Sarah and give birth to a son named Todd. However, when he learned that his brother and sister-in-law were killed by Damon Salvatore, Elliot encountered his ancestor Victor Whitmore and learns from him that Damon would kill every second generation of the Whitmore family as revenge for them experimenting on him. After his wife decided to separate him and took care of Aaron, Elliot and his son Todd were able to fake their deaths in order for Damon to think that they were already dead. The plan was a success and both Elliot and Todd traveled to Colorado. Living in Colorado, Elliot worked as a Professor at Denver University. In the year 2000, Elliot married a woman and gave birth to two sons.

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