Episodes or Fanfics are stories made by users.


Episodes created by Anamantiumninja

Season OneEdit

# Title Original airdate Plot
1 The Dead Comes To Play 2013 Multiple characters are resurrected
2 Rude Encounter 2013 Mal-El's actual appearance
3 The Huntress 2013 Marianne appears
4 The Raging Dead 2013 Zombies appear
5 Pain 2013 Jeremy dies
6 The Hunt 2013 Mal-El faces Marianne alone
7 Party Guess 2013 Marianne attacks Mal-El Mansion
8 Home Invasion 2013 Zombies are growing in numbers
9 Rising Anticipation 2013 Marianne calls a "friend"
10 Walking Through The Pain 2013 Mal-El leaves to face Marianne one last time
11 Aiming to Kill 2013 Marianne reveals how much power she has over the dead
12 A New Start 2013

Season TwoEdit

# Title Original airdate Plot
1 Dagger to the Heart 2013 Bonnie wants to kill Mal
2 Mr. Saturday 2013   A new warlock appears
3 Passanger 2013 Mal terrorizes Bonnie
4 The New Plan 2013 Julianna attacks Bonnie
5 A Few Tricks 2013 Mr. Saturday meets Silas. Mal pushes Bonnie to her limit.
6 Rejuvenation 2013 Bonnie tries to kill Mal
7 It Feels Good To Be Back 2014 Mal makes an offer to Stefan


Episodes created by Okami22

# Title Original airdate Plot
1 Making of a Monster November 1 Gideon becomes something more than a werewolf.
2 The return of the True Immortal November 2 Ciro is in the process of being reawakened.
3 Rise Ciro! November 3 Nicholas is trying to revive Ciro
4 Bite Night
5 Search for the ritual November 7 Gideon discovers new things about himself and a new powerful warlock arrives
6 The Rise of The Immortal November 10 Ciro half-way awakens and takes over the body of a vampire in order to help with his own revival.
7 Host for the Primordial November 10
8 Clash of the Damned Jan 11 Kon-El is doing Jobs for Mal-El and harms Damon.


Episodes created by Ant22

# Title Original airdate Plot
1 Return Of The Five Nov-16-2013 Steve Leonard kills his first vampire kill and Andrew Wiggin adjusts to life as a vampire
2 Visionary Nov-17-2013 Caleb the Immortal now decides to put his plan in motion and meet's the famous Mal-El.
3 Return To The Mortal World Nov-29-2013 Vishnu return's from the in-between and gets into a deadly confratation.

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