Gia Petrova

,,I'm Gia Petrova and I'm another Doppelgänger, " Edit

Gia is Sister Tatia. A single twin who is 10 seconds younger than Tatia. She has lived in Europe since her birth. Besides her sister, she has one younger sister. Whatever nobody knows about, the parents had to give up because she had a very big magic. Gia Bola is completely different from the other Doppelgänger. She always protected the family of Petrov and especially Doppelgänger, which were rare.

Hate to Mikaelson Edit

Tatia loved them hate again. But the exception was Rebekah, who always behaved graciously to Gia. Elijah Mikaelson loved both sisters, but he did not want to admit it, so he learned to love only one of the sisters and that of Tatia. Gia was totally unhappy, so she hated him and did not need a man to judge her.

Agreement with Esther Edit

Gia saw Esther talking to her sister. Immediately after the equation, Gia stopped for Esther and immediately stumbled at her sister. Esther explained it to her and offered her an agreement that she could become an original vampire and allow her sister to give her blood.

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