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Because the Night

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Because the Night

Hank Shipman was a vampire who was the husband of Elizabeth Shipman, as well as the father of Billy and Lisa Shipman.


After Hank and Elizabeth were married in 1970, they gave birth to a son named Billy, who would grow up to become a lawyer. Five years later, they gave birth to a daughter named Lisa Shipman.

In 1977, Hank and his wife Elizabeth left a night club until they got themselves beaten to death by a trio of drug dealers. That was Lexi came to their rescue and was able to compell the trio to leave and end their life as drug dealers. After healing Hank and Elizabeth with her blood, Lexi compelled them to forget and tell them to head home safe. However, before Hank and Elizabeth had their chance, they saw a person lying on the ground, who was in fact Damon Salvatore. Before they could help, they were killed by Damon, and were left in the street. However, unknown to Damon, Hank and Elizabeth still had the vampire blood in their system and would soon rise as vampires.

Before awakening, Lexi already noticed what happened and was able to carry Hank and Elizabeth to her apartment. Once they were there, Lexi gave them blood bags and taught them how to control their thirst over blood. After Lexi suffered a terrible breakdown from Damon when she was trying to get his emotions back on, Hank and Elizabeth continued to remain with her once they were ready to reunite with their children. After Hank and Elizabeth were given daylight rings from a friendly witch, Lexi promised that she would see them once a month to check up on them while they were looking out for their kids.


Season 4:

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