"Welcome to hell and yes you are advised to abandone all of your hope."-The Ferryman to Katherine and Stefan as he rows them to the gates of Hell.


The souls of the damned suffering for all eternity.

Hell is the home of damned humans who have been shunned from heaven for their evil deeds. For over two thousand years many supernaturals deserving of hell were kept from this fate by the veil but when Jeremiah forced Qetsiyah to drop the veil some of the spirits that weren't revived were instead sent to Hell for their foul deeds.

In hell there is a constant fight for survival and almost all the inhabitants loose their supernatural powers. Because there is no food or water many resort to cannabilism to survive only for those that are killed to be revived almost instantly.

While there are plants which are known as "The Hunger Trees" the fruit only makes you hungrier. Another pelculularity is that durring the day it's over a hundred degrees and at night it's below sub zero.


Katherine Peirce


Stefan Salvatore




Emily Bennet

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