Mal-El was in his living room, concentrating. He looked more different than usual. He was sweating and looked like he was about to pass out. "Great what's wrong with him now?", Kol said.

"He's tired okay. You try keeping a barrier up for several days straight, track down a witch,  fight zombies, and not to mention the zombie venom just left his system. Mal-El is capable of getting tired, he hasn't slept in days. Mal why did you even bring this idiot back", Julianna said.

"Its okay Julianna, I need you to take the hybrids and Finn to eliminate any zombie you can find. You go to Kol, I don't think I can handle you right now", Mal- El said.

"Mal are you sure?" .

"Yes Julianna". Minutes after they left Damon ran inside the house with Stefan. Taking advantage of his weaken state Damon begins to throw him around.

"It seems the big bad super wolf is still alive. I thought you said zombie venom kills anyone", Damon said.

"Damon be careful we might need hi,", Stefan said.

"Don't worry brother I might just brake a bone or two".

"It does but me and others like me are somewhat immune", Mal-El said. Seconds later Elena walked in. She was angry but she tried to hide it.

"You said you could save Jeremy why did you kill him!", Elena said.

"I did save him. I pre vented hi m becoming a zombie, and from trying to kill all of you. I also spared you the pain of killing him yourself", Mal said.

"Wrong answer", Damon said. He threw Mal's head into a table and threw him on a wall. Jules and Mason walked in and started shooting them with wooden bullets.

"What are they doing here?", Jules said.

"It an home invasion, didn't you get the memo", Damon said. He was about to run at her until he, Stefan and Elena fell in pain.

"What's is this?, what's happening?", Stefan said. Bonnie walked into the room.

"Bonnie what are you doing?", Elena said in pain.

"She is doing her job protecting me", Mal said.

"I'm sorry Elena but this is more important than everything else", Bonnie said. Just then Mal-El had this strange feeling.

"I found her".

"Found who?", Mason asked.

"Marianne", his eyes began to glow brighter and he had a sinister but charming smile on his face. 

Walking Through The Pain

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