Derek hopped roof to roof and did another flip landing in front of a abandoned warehouse this war the place where he smelled the blood and rot. Derek charged the first zombie and kicked it than slit it's throat. 3 approached him and he picked up a rusty piece of metal with a sharp end. " Take this bitches " , He stabbed all 3 zombies in the face than dropped the weapon. A gun shot went off and he ducked the bullet barely hitting him, the next one hit his shoulder. " Hurts right I know just here to kill you so stand still " , She took out a bow and arrow, than shot at his head but a hand quickly grabbed it; Ian who eyes were glowing gold, " Come on she's a hot psycho ", They ran off but both of them got shot with a arrown and they fell. She suddenly fell to and Hayden stood grinning behind her, " We all need more training " .

Derek was eating a plate of food while, Ian text away to his new girlfriend the vampire girl; Adelaide.

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