• 20th Century
  • 2011
  • Undead (Resurrected)
  • Farmer

  • Male
Family members
  • Unnamed wife
  • Unnamed son

Cause of death
  • Broken neck (as a human)
  • Decapitation (as a vampire)
Killed by
Played by
  • Ryan Kessler
Episode Count
  • 2
First seen
Last seen

John was a newly turned vampire who was made by Enzo and was killed by the Damon Salvatore who was infected by the ripper virus.


Nothing much is known about his life, but it was told that he was married to a woman and had a son. While running out of money to protect the farm, John had no choice but to schedule a divorce, forcing his wife to take her son away and move up north. John refused to marry someone since he was to busy trying to make money to save the farm.

Vampire Diaries SeriesEdit

Season FiveEdit

In No Exit, John encountered Damon and Enzo when he was his way back to the house. He was turned into a vampire by Enzo, who fed him his blood and snapped his neck. After waking up, John completed his transition, but was so confused when Damon rapidly killed him. His spirit passed through The Other Side which was beginning to crumble.

In Home, John was among the deceased supernatural ghosts that managed to escape the Other Side's collapse and pass through Bonnie, returning to the living plane. Since John was going to have a struggle controlling his thirst, Lexi promised to take care of him and Joey.


Season 5

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