Lucifer stood their thinking about The Ancients and Primordial Werewolves there had to be something that could bring them all down. " Why, stand there vampire I did not sire your stubborn race so you could relax go finish both of the species " , Lucifer spun around and stared at the teen standing across from him he had white hair well almost white but blond and really black eyes and had a restless face. He was slim but had a athletic build and was short and tall kind of borderline. The boy ran so fast Lucifer did not know what to do but as he screamed as the blade that the witch Heka made pierced the 3 immortal in the world. " You are a powerful vampire Lucy do not let a group of Vampires depride you " , He left and than turned " Have you heard about the hunter " , Lucifer had heard stories of the awesome hunter.

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