Gideon shifted slightly while Katherine pressed her soft lips to his with his arms wrapped around her waist.

" Never knew you were such a good kisser " , Katherine smiled and Gideon reached down slowly rubbing her legs during the process and than leaned over and kissed her more but roughly impressing her.

He pulled away slowly, " Gotta go Kat " , He looked at his phone than returned it to his pockets and left her house passing a teenager who was a vampire.

" What's with the vampire? " , Gideon grinned and left the house walking down the steps before a figure stood before him; Klaus.

" Well, it seems the rumors are true " , Klaus grinned but it turned into a grimace because Mal-El had snapped his neck knocking him out.

" I am pretty pretty sure you did not want to hear want he was gonna say " , Mal-El pursed his lips than jutted out his chin.

" So is that crazy woman you mentioned still after you " , Gideon asked as they walked to his expensive car.

" Yup, but you are my secret weapon cause she knows nothing of you " , Mal-El gave an impish grin and than hopped in the passenger seat. " You know I could train you and help you control your powers "

Gideon turned on the car and pulled off onto the road taking in his surroundings as he put thought into what Mal-El said.

" Yea, train me and in exchange I will help in the annihalation of our parents " , Gideon smiled but it faded as he spotted his mortal enemy Bonnie in the back of the school without thinking and jumped out and charged her but Caroline stepped in the way grabbing him but his eyes turned red and he growled than stuck a hand in Caroline's throat and pulling out a blood-soaked hand, Caroline clawed at her throat and than dropped to the ground, Gideon's bones cracked and he turned into his partial werewolf form than started clawing at her slicing and dicing her quickly than finally decapitating her.

" NOOOOOOOO.....GRRRHHHHH ", Tyler stood there in Hybrid form and ran like a blur straight at Gideon but he jumped up and kicked him in the face break his jaw and knocking out some teeth.

" Bring it pretty boy " , Gideon smirked and than started punching Tyler than before he could finish him Mal-El grabbed his wrist stopping him.

" It's not worth it come on now you just killed his girlfriend equalling Grief time ".

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