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Lloyd Thyme
  • 1st Century BC (2280+)
  • By unknown Witch in 1 BC (into an Zombie; through the Zombie Spell)
  • By same witch in 3 AD (into an Corrected; through the Dragon Blood and Immortality Spell)
  • By The Witch in 2016 (Into a Hybrid; through switching physical bodies with Wayne Thyme)
  • Alive (Swapped bodies with Wayne Thyme)
  • Gardener (currently)

Wayne Thyme

  • Male
Family members
Significant sires
  • Many zombies
Significant kills
  • Many animals and Humans
  • One Zombie
  • Wayne Thyme (Unintentionally)
Cause of death
  • Unknown (as a human)
  • By Curing Anna (as a Corrected Zombie)
Killed by
  • Unknown Killer (1st time)
  • Himself (2nd Time)
Played by
Episode Count
First seen
Last seen

This character was created by Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

Lloyd Thyme (original name unknown) is a Thracian (Self-proclaimed) killed during an 264 BC, and body was preserved by magic until 1 BC. He is an anti-hero, and the only known Corrected Zombie.

Biography Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Lloyd is muscular man with a black hair, blue eyes, and 1.72 metres tall. He usually wears dark clothing, and has a buzz cat with usually passive expressions on his face.

Personality Edit

Lloyd is cunning, caring, hot-headed, protective, mischievous, and overconfident. His caring side can sometimes blind him to truth like his daughter trying to find away to kill him.

Powers and abilities Edit

Lloyd Thyme possesses all the abilities of a Corrected Zombie.

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