Mal-El and Julianna



Intimacy Level:

Friends, she may be in love with him

First Met:

10th century Hungary



The relationship between the Primordial Mal-El and the vampire Julianna Monroe.


In the 10th century Julianna was raped and turned by a vampire. Her sire kept her prisoner and forced himself on her.  Mal-El found her one, killed her sire and set her free. Afterwards he left and she spent the next century trying to find him. When Julianna became a ripper Mal-El found her with the intent to kill her but offered her a chance to travel and learn from him. Due to the time she spent with her sire she became a terrible person. When Julianna was almost killed by a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, he turned her into an Original by performing the immortality spell with small alterations so that she could protect herself. Mal-El eventually became disgusted by some of her habits and left her. She comes to Mystic Falls to seek his forgiveness.

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