Mal-El and Korun



Intimacy Level:

Best friends, adoptive brothers

First Met:

5th century BC, Rome


Former Friends

The relationship between the Primordial Mal-El and the Old One Korun.


They first met back in the early 5th century BC in Rome. Korun was captured by Romans and enslaved. During Mal-El travels he came to Rome for a visit. While staying in a Praetors villa het met the slave boy Korun. He and Korun became friends and Mal-El even told him his secret, he even adopted Korun into his family making them brothers. One night Korun attempted to escape but was fatally wounded. Mal-El desperate didn't want his friend to die performed his version of the immortality spell and turned him into an Old One. After becoming a vampire Korun killed his masters that abused him and left to travel with Mal-El. They eventually seperated due to Korun's violent, bloodthirsty savage nature. Korun eventually began to sympathize with humanity and now seeking to reconcile with his brother.

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