The Marcello Family are an organized crime family of werewolves that has resided within New Orleans at least since the early 1900's


The Marcello Family is one of the oldest crime families in New Orleans, including older than the Guerrera Family. From 1947-1990 it was ruled by Carlos Marcello a triggered werewolf, the leader and alpha of the family and happens to be the great-grandfather of Thomas Marcello who is the last descendant of the family. But in 1990 the family was nearly destroy and the only survivors were Carlos Marcello who later died of a heart attack in 1993. The other survivor was Anthony Marcello, Thomas's father who also died and was later killed in 2007.

Family MembersEdit

  • Thomas Marcello (1999) - A member of the the Werewolf Faction and the last descendant of the Marcello Family and since he is the last descendant he is by birth the alpha of the family. Thomas was the last member to join the New Orleans Pack and is now their new alpha.
  • Carlos Marcello (1910-1993) - He was a triggered werewolf, alpha and the boss of the Family from 1947-1990 until it was nearly destroyed, Carlos was one of the only two survivors, the other being Anthony. Carlos is the father of Joseph, grandfather of Anthony and the great-grandfather of Thomas Marcello, the last descendant of the Marcello Family. He died of a heart attack in 1993.
  • Anthony Marcello (1969-2007) - A triggered werewolf and member of the Family, Anthony is the son Joseph, grandson of Carlos, the father of Thomas, the husband of Daniela and one the two survivors and the family massacre in 1990, the other being Carlos. Anthony was killed in 2007.
  • Joseph Marcello Jr. (1938-1990) - A triggered werewolf. He is the son of Carlos, the father of Anthony and the grandfather of Thomas.
  • Daniela Marcello (1975) - Daniela is the only known member of the Marcello Family who isn't a werewolf. She is the mother of Thomas and the wife of Anthony.


  • The last triggered werewolf of this family is Thomas.

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