Adelaide's Point of ViewEdit

Adelaide lay next to her boyfriend Gideon who was playing with her hair it had been a month since they had reawaken and she felt attatched to him even though he was part Primordial Werewolf. She turned around and kissed his lips than smiled.

" Mmm Gideon what time does the football game start tommorow " , Adelaide leaned her head on his shoulders waiting for a response.

" 9:00 pm. " , He licked his lips.

" Okay " , Adelaide took out her phone and texted her sister Sita.

Sita's Point of ViewEdit

Sita was walking out of school while Hayden trailed her keeping distance, Sita used her speed and ran into the woods as Hayden walked he did not notice that Sita walked quietly behind him, Sita leaped at his back and with strong, callused hands than slammed him but he was more intelligent and grabbed her arm throwing her over him but she planted her foot on his shoulder and than pulled it breaking his arm with a crack.

" OWW...did you have to hurt me like that " , He smiled and than kicked out at her feet than jumped up incredibly, he jumped and kicked Sita in the chest knocking her back but she was feeling that he was stronger than he appeared.

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