"I will be free of stress, Gaia you can't keep me for long.....I WILL RELEASE MYSELFFFF!!!! " - Michael to Gaia during his imprisonment.

Born Before Humanity
Turned Before Humanity(By mystical force)
Status Immortal
Alias " Golden Hero "
Species Archangel
Gender Male
Family members All Celestials
Significant spells Minitature version of Immortality Spell
Significant sires Many Children(All deceased)
Significant kills Many
Cause of death Never
Killed by Never
Played by Alex Pettyfer

Michael or Abel is the First ever Celestial and therefore the progenitor of his species, he was born way before humanity came to be and used to be known as Abel, he died murdered by his brother; Cain and soon the mystical force turned him into a powerful winged spirit named a Celestial. Michael soon became a leader but thought to take over earth growing to strong, he was trapped by the most powerfulest witch in the universe Gaia. He had saw the fight and decided to take over wiping out a small town. Gaia trapped him in a cage deep in the heart of New Orleans where he has lived for so many centuries.


Abel was born before humanity existed, he and his brother Cain lived peacefully until one day the older brother Cain killed Abel, The young boy living a honest and true life so the mystical force made him a powerful winged spirit who lived forever and protected people. He soon helped continue the creation of his brethen making them perfect and powerful beings of course none came close to being as powerful as he was. He soon became estranged from the world and decided the angels should share earth so they sought to take it but were being attacked by other supernatural beings and soon wiped out a entire town, Gaia soon imprisoned him in a cage where only a powerful witch/warlock can release him.


Michael in his natural state is a large divine being who is the size of a sky-scraper, he is a gold light and has 10 wings and has 6 faces with a warriors mask/face.Edit

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