"It's called a Minotaur. It's a legendary Greek creature that's half-man, half bull. And believe me, no pitiful loser can defeat a Minotaur."
–Rayne, about Minotaurs

Minotaurs (Greek: ὁ Μῑνώταυρος) are powerful, monstrous creatures that have the head and tail of a bull and a huge muscular humanoid body of a man. They are one of the most famous monsters in Greek mythology.

Characteristics Edit

As mention above, Minotaur are half-man, half bull. They are remarkably strong, incredibly fast, and hard-headed. Minotaur can vary from appearance and size. Some can be as a little bigger as a muscule man and look almost human, others can be much bigger than humans and look more bull-like, and few can look almost like a bull. Minotaur also happen to be minions of the Greek God Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

As well, Minotaur are solitary, quite use to being on their own.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength: Minotaur are very strong creatures, able to lift a cars over their heads and throw them across a small field. Even smaller, more human-sized Minotaur also have a degree of superhuman strength and stamina, enough to ram at their enemies again and again without stopping.
  • Super Speed: Being giant bull-like creatures, Minotaur are very fast, able to run on all fours and attack with the element of surprise.
  • Super Agility: Despite their large size, Minotaur are very agile; able to move quicker and jump higher than humans.
  • Super Durability: A Minotaur's hide is very durable, allowing them to withstand great amounts of pain.
  • Super Stamina: Minotaur can run at fast speeds for hours and almost never tire.
  • Giant Horns: Minotaur have a pair of giant horns of their head that they can use to ram and bash into anything, even their own kind.
  • Telepathy: Minotaur have demonstrated a limited level of Telepathy, demonstrated when one influenced on his victims for them to see images of their loved ones inside the labyrinth. They can also mimic the voices of other people, by somehow reading their victims thoughts.

Weaknesses Edit

Despite their supernatural nature, Minotaurs are not invulnerable. Being a monster, and therefore without a soul (despite being half-human), The Minotaur cannot be truly physically destroyed.

However, they can be killed with their own horn, especially when stabbed in the chest, side, or neck region. Additionally, other powerful weapons like Death's Scythe and Angel Blades can kill a Minotaur.

Once a Minotaur is killed, their bodies burst into flames.

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