" William, why did we not know that our father was one of the first werewolves " , Jesse was pacing.

" Well apparently we did not know dummy " , William hit his brother lightly and they walked to their next class where they spotted Damon and Stefan than turned around before catching the teachers attention. Damon and Stefan appeared behind them with their weak speed but not before William growled and than with outstrectched hands each hand had claws sticking out and than he leapt at Stefan's throat not before Damon grabbed William by surprise and than threw him over to the locker denting it but not before Jesse came and grabbed Damon the neck with one hand and snapped it which clearly angered Stefan because he charged the two brothers who doubled choked him than slammed him hard and bit him.

" We are leaving you to die " , They turned around and walked into the janitors closet and opened the door to find, Gideon smoking weed.

William grinned, " You smoking......without me " , William walked up to him and grabbed the blunt and took a long inhale than breathed out.

" You need to join our pack since your powerful and also a descandant of Mal-El " , Gideon smirked and than took the object from the hands off William and than put it to his lips and inhaled but breathed it out quick.

" What the hell? are you talking about Will? " , Gideon looked horrified

Jesse spoke up, " We mean you could be a powerful asset to us and the pack " , Jesse looked grim.

" What are you guys some kind of cult or something "

" No we are real werewolves watch " , Jesse's eyes glared red and his fangs bared and his claws.

" O-o-oh so you guys aren't playing around fine meet me this friday we'll discuss things "

Jesse knew that the full moon was tommorrow and it would be horrible for all people except the pack.

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