Stefan and Silas sat next to each other in the mystic grill, The people thought them as twins and asked Stefan when his twin arrived. The door swung open and a replicate of Stefan stood in the doorway. He had on a black thermo, regular jeans and some on the brink of being beat down shoes. He grinned and clasped his hands together rubbing them quickly, the people who had liquid in their mouth's were now spitting up blood. The other Stefan spoke, " Listen up everybody you are all gonna sit here and listen to our conversation....Matt Donovan you stay in the kitchen until I tell you to come out, As for the rest of you when I say Immortal you will all find a way to kill yourselves " , He turned toward the two Stefan's. " Hello, you must be my loving and soft Doppleganger....Stefan " , He poured himself a drink and sipped it quickly, " These drinks are awfully weak not strong like they used to be " , He threw his cup and looked at Silas. " You must be Silas, my mentor turned you into a Immortal right?? " , Silas furrowed his eyebrows and spoke, " Qetsiyah or Tessa as she calls herself was your mentor ".

" No you moron, Mal-El the hybrid.....I have not given a proper introduction, my name is Ciro and I'd love the title The Original Salvatore since it was me who made this great line of DoppleGangers from Immortal to Immortal to human to vampire than so on from here to 1,000 years to come " , Ciro inhaled deeply and dug into his pocket and pulled out a Iphone 5s, he began writing something.

" How do we know your not just some Immortal tricking us? " , Stefan asked quickly. Ciro turned his head and one of the people at the bar rose in the air and suddenly exploded gruesomly. Silas looked shocked...WIP

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