Waking up in the dead of night Bonnie found herself walking towards her father's room. When she opened the door, to her shock she was watching herself standing over her father with a knife in her hand.

"What are you doing!", she told herself.

"Shh!", her otherself said. The other Bonnie lower the knife towards Rudy's throat and sliced it open.

"AAAAHHHH!!!", she screamed and woke up in her bed. "Wait? What happened?".

"It was a dream of sorts, well more like an hullicination", a voice said. The soucre emerged from the shadows revealing the other Bonnie.

"Who are you?"

"Oh forgive me, you must not recognize me when I'm looking like you", slowly the other Bonnie took the form of     Mal-El. "Now this is better".

"How are you here? I killed you".

"Well you didn't kill me, you neutralized me. The reason for my being here is simple, I want out of your head and back into my body".

"How did you get into my head?"

"It's an old Primordial werewolf  trick, it's called imprinting".

"Imprinting? And whats a Primordial werewolf?".

"A Primordial werewolves are the first werewolves in existence and imprinting is a trick that allows us to place a small piece of our soul inside our victim".

"So your one of the first werewolves".

"No, I'm a Primordial by species. But I'm the Primordial werewolf-witch hybrid, the first and only of my kind". Bonnie  couldn't believe it, a Primordial werewolf.

"How are you immortal, I thought only vampires were immortal and that Silas created the first immortality spell 2,000 years ago?".

"Here's a quick history lesson Bonnie. It was me who created the Immortality spell far over 2,000 years ago and it was me that made Silas truly immortal", Mal became quite serious, the usual charming look on his face faded to a scowl.

"Why would you make him truly immortal!", she screamed at him.

"Thats a story for another time, but now Bonnie Bennett. WHERE IS MY BODY!". Bonnie stood her ground and looked the angered wolf in the face.

"If your in my head then I can make you disappear".

"You can but it will be a mistake. I have a darkside that makes your Klaus and Damon look like children, I will haunt and torture you. You won't be able to keep me out forever and there is an evil here and you will need me, the passanger in your head".

"Goodbye", and she made the Primordial disappeared.

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