We live beneath the ground child because we refuse to associate with the human pestilence!-The Dark One to Jeremiah


The Pure Bloods Rising Once More

The Pure Bloods are a race of vampires that existed long before the age of man. They were among some the most powerful of The Ancient Ones. Because they predate humanity they while sharring some similarities to modern vampires are nothing like their modern counter parts. They are for example nocturnal by nature as opposed to modern vampires who are nocturnal because of their weaknesses while able to disguise themselves as humans their true visage is revealed when they feed or use their abilities.

They have fewer weaknesses as well and posses the ability to use magic and suppress the magic of witches or as they call witches the "unclean" the "unwanted" and the "unneccessary". Pure Bloods seem to have a terrifying hold over witches.

Known MembersEdit

The Dark One

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Inhuman Strength
  • inhuman Speed
  • Compulsion
  • Magic Suppression (Power over a Witche's Magic)
  • Magic
  • Spell Casting
  • Skin as hard as diamonds.



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