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Born *1st century B.C.
Status Deceased
Occupation Unknown

Species * Witch
Gender Female
Family members
  • Heka † (Ancestor)
  • Ayana † (Descendant)
  • The Witch of The Five † (Descendant)
  • Emily Bennett † (Descendant)
  • Sheila Bennett † (Descendant)
  • Abby Bennett Wilson (Descendant)
  • Bonnie Bennett † (Descendant)
  • Lucy (Descendant)
  • Pauline (Descendant)
  • Joanna (Descendant)
  • Amelia Bennett (Descendant)
  • Ernestine Bennett (Descendant)

First seen We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes (First Mentioned)
Last seen Graduation (Mentioned)

Qetsiyah was an extremely powerful Witch, who is responsible for imprisoning the immortal Silas and creating a Cure.

Qetsiyah was a member of the Bennett Family.

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