Regina Ilayda Yilmaz-Mikaelson
Born Unknown, claimed April 3rd 2000
Status Alive
Alias Gina - Called by Robert
Species Witch
Gender Female
Family members Robert Yilmaz-Mikaelson (Brother)

Rosamund Yilmaz-Mikaelson (Adopted Mother)

Damla Yilmaz (Adopted Grandmother Mother) †

Mikael Mikaelson (Adopted Grandfather)

Freya Mikaelson (Adopted Half-Aunt)

Finn Mikaelson (Adopted Half-Uncle)

Elijah Mikaelson (Older Half-Uncle)

Niklaus Mikaelson (Adopted Half-Uncle)

Kol Mikaelson (Adopted Half-Uncle)

Hope Mikaelson (Adopted Half-Great Niece)

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Physical Appearance Edit

She is very beautiful and has short brown hair but does like growing it out to her shoulders. She normal wears her black leather jacket and short black skirt but does wear a nice grey suit to formal meeting.

Personality Edit

One of her main personalities is that she is very motherly to her siblings but is also is tempermental. She is a very compassionate person but also ruthless to her and families enemies.

Powers and Abilities Edit

She has the powers of :

Sithoring supernatural power


Brewing normal witch potions

Casting normal witch spells


Weaknesses Edit

She has the normal weakness of a non-immortal being and cannot cross and can be killed by mountain ash when ingested or injected.

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The Trybrid Series

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