Silas and Lucifer were walking down the street together like father and son would. " Hey, dad do you think it is possible that we could take over this town ", Lucifer was smirking and than Silas shrugged a blur knocked Silas over and when he turned he saw a 13 year old boy gripping his son like a toy. " Hello Lucifer thought you were ancient huh? Oh, sorry manners right well my name is Nuriel and I am here to carry out hits do you understand " , The boy had stunning red eyes and was almost beautiful like a Angel, Silas got up and than snuck next to the boy and reached out for him but a hand grabbed his shoulder and turned him around with force a young girl about 13 was standing there her piercing red eyes were staring right at him she smiled and talked like she lived since the beginning of time, " Dear...Dear Silas you and your son are pathetic like the vampires in this town " , She opened her mouth and in a quick movement bit into his neck and started drinking Silas's blood greedily a hand gripped her shoulder and her brother stood their while Lucifer was on the ground screaming and writhing while Silas was on the ground looking up at them with his blue eyes staring up at the twins, " My name is Anahita and I am older than you I've seen humanity change like a girl deciding what to wear " , She lifted her finger and than moved it to the right snapping Silas's neck and than Nuriel did the same for Lucifer. " Brother things are boring around here how about we kill some humans and than maul him " , They were outside the bar when a group of Teens were walking something was off about them sort of Supernatural. A pair of twins turned and stared directly at the vampires they growled and than ran toward the twins their powers did not seem to work on these werewolves and the boys knocked Anahita and Nuriel off their feet. " Dam we just knocked down some vamps bro " , The one with lower hair looked grim and brought out his claws but a clawed hand stopped it, " Horus and Gemini stop it, Hello mosquitoes my name is Hayden White and I need to know where to find Elena Gilbert " , Nuriel smiled and than reached out and pulled Horus toward him than lifted his fist and punched the boy with such force that a crack was heard. " Lets go sis " , The twins walked off into the night where they would go on later to kill and drain 30 people.

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