"Est-il presque complète (Is it nearly complete)", a heavy deep voice said speaking french.

"Oui (Yes)", Marianne said. She was of who ever she was speaking to. "Mais il ya un problème (but there is one problem)".

"Problème?", there was a slint hint of anger radiating off the deep mysterious voice.

"Un loup-garou, il est différent. Sa forme de loup est encore différent, c'est humanoïde et bestiale (A werewolf, he's different. His wolf form is even different, it's humanoid and beastly).



"Il est unique, un Primordial. Je serai là dans quelques semaines (He Is unique, a Primordial. I'll be there in several weeks)".

"Okay", she hung up the phone and approached a nearby window. She could feel a presence coming towards her. She already had her zombies ready for battle, she also gathered enough power for her ring. She was still a litlle bit shaky after the call despite it sounding usual. The man on the other side is the most frightening and most powerful person she knows. She gathered the souls he asked for now she must wait weeks for his arrival. Before she could wait for him she has to ready herself for the fight that is about to begin.

Aiming to Kill

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