Robert Egan Yilmaz-Mikaelson
Born Unknown, claimed April 3rd 2000
Status Alive
Occupation Bar owner
Alias Rob
Species Witch
Gender Male
Family members Regina Yilmaz-Mikaelson (Sister)

Rosamund Yilmaz-Mikaelson (Adopted Mother)

Damla Yilmaz (Adopted Grandmother) †

Freya Mikaelson (Adopted Older Half-Sister)

Finn Mikaelson (Adopted Older Half-Brother)

Elijah Mikaelson (Adopted Older Half-Brother)

Niklaus Mikaelson (Adopted Older Half-Brother)

Kol Mikaelson (Adopted Older Half-Brother)

Hope Mikaelson (Adopted Half-Niece)

Pre-history Edit

He was abandoned and lived on the streets like his sibling but worked hard to get of the streets. He now owns a bar/nightclub which he also lives there and allows his sister Regina to stay because she is the only one who treated him like family so he promised to take care of her.

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Physical Appearance Edit

He is slime medium height white brown hair and also has a ruth beard.

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

He has the powers of :

He has the ability to control animals and other supernatural being kind of like a vampires compulsion

Sithoring supernatural power

Brewing normal witch potions

Casting normal witch spells

Can freeze any person or creature in place for a certain amount of time

Weaknesses Edit

He has the normal weaknesses of a non- immortal being and can also cannot cross or injecting mountain ash.

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The Trybrid Series

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