Xavier ran through the forest the wolves followed him thirsty for his blood. He whispered and turn around a light came from his hand and flew into each of the wolves who returned to human form and their eyes suddenly rolled back in there heads. He smiled and suddenly a blur pushed him against the tree. A young man with black hair and a bad boy look gripped his throat. Xavier smirked and the man began sweating, " I'm frying your blood " , The man gritted his teeth and clawed at his body, tearing off his shirt. Xavier stopped it. " What the hell are you " , The man looked up and bared his fangs, he ran so fast Xavier barely caught him by the throat and tossed him into the tree. " You'll get to know me soon you know Bonnie Bennett " , Xavier stared into his eyes.

Gideon screamed as his bones cracked, " HELPP ME-- " , He balled his fist so tight they bled. He growled a little than suddenly his eyes turned gold. They quickly returned to normal and he passed out. A teenager stood above him, " My name is Nicholas no more questions " , He grabbed Gideon who suddenly lashed out and bit into Nicholas's neck than ran off. Nicholas gasped and held his neck which healed slowly.

Xavier had already begun his search, Gideon charged into the house of the salvatores and confronted; Stefan. " What am I " , Stefan smiled and Damon responded, " A  narccistic primordial werewolf/human hybrid who can only be contained for a year or day " , Gideon sneered at Damon, " I would not mind tearing your throat out " . Gideon left the house and suddenly his back arched and he shifted into a wolf quicker than lightning and dashed around. He spotted Caroline Forbes and ran up and attacked her biting her than clawing her up. He howled in to the night and went after the humans in the cabin. He ran in and attacked most of them killing all except the man who bled and would most likely die. It was dawn and Gideon woke up covered in blood and a body next to him lifeless and blood everywhere. What happened. " You just killed your 13th human being " , A woman who was asian looking and beautiful spoke, " I am your aunt , Saskia I'm not real but want to warn you, being a werewolf comes with a deadly price " , She disappeared and left Gideon alone.

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