Born * 1st century B.C.
Status Undead
Occupation Unknown

Species * Witch (originally)
Gender Male
Family members
  • Unnamed Lover † (True Love)
  • Giuseppe Salvatore † (Descendant)
  • Damon Salvatore (Descendant)
  • Stefan Salvatore (Descendant, Doppelgänger)
  • Zachariah Salvatore † (Descendant)
  • Joseph Salvatore † (Descendant)
  • Zach Salvatore † (Descendant)

Played by * Paul Wesley (True Form)
  • Raymond Scott Parks (Disfigured Form)
  • Jason Spisak (Disfigured Form´s Voice)
  • Several Cast Members (Illusions)
First seen * We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes (Mentioned)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (Actual Appearance)
  • Pictures of You (Disfigured form)
  • Graduation (Real form)
Last seen Graduation

Silas was a Witch who became the second immortal being in the world.  He found an immortality spell in an ancient Grimoire belonging to his best friend Qetsiyah and used it on himself.

He is the second most powerful immortal being after the Ancient Vampires, and overall one of the most powerful supernatural beings in history (it is unclear whether he was more powerful than Qetsiyah as a warlock).

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