Born 4.54 Billion Years Ago
Status Immortal
Occupation Guardian

Species Angel
Gender Male
Family members Angels(Angelic Brethren)
Azrael(Older Brother)
Jeremiah(Younger Brother)

Significant kills The Bennet Bloodline

"We are in one hell of a situation you know that right? Because of your reclessness little brother, The Ancient Ones are free and running a muck. Did you ever think for a moment that we tolerated that psycho Qetsiyah for a reason? You have undone years of hard work and consequently turned the earth into a supernatural playground!"

Solomon is the leader of the angels stationed on earth and the older brother of Jeremiah he is also the younger brother of Azrael. When he learned Jeremiah shattered the other side he punished Jeremiah by wiping out the Bennet blood line. Unlike Jeremiah he is very strict and devoted to the laws of their kind. He is also the one that trapped Jeremiah in the body of a human.


He is very strict with his brethren and he never shows much emotion always putting duty before much else. As a result he's developed a strained relationship with many of his fellow Angels.

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